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2003 - 2011

TAI's website was launched in May 2003 at www.aikidotakemusu.com with the following goal:

..., regardless of their country, the organization members can learn about the activities of TAI and express themselves by sending content or post comments. This website is also opened to those who are not members of the organization but still wish to ask questions or receive information. This website is not a monopoly for a happy few. It is an open table where all passionates can sit all wo are interested by Aikido and want to exchange views.

Editorial, july 2003: "le site de TAI (in french)"

2011 - ?

After eight years of existence with only minor modifications, a complete redesigning has been done at a new address www.aikidotakemusu.org:

This new version is a real opening and a major step in Aikido Takemusu’s global development. TAI web site, once limited to French speakers, now becomes an international reference for all practitioners and students who want to gain a thorough understanding of the original Aikido Takemusu, as created by the Founder Morihei O Sensei Ueshiba.

Editorial, september 2011: "Dot org"


That site would have never existed without the volunteer work from many persons: programmers, designers, writers, uke, translators, photographers. Naming them all would be difficult but I¹d like to thank all these women and men for that common realization, made possible with their enthusiasm, generosity and efficiency. O sensei would be happy. The spirit of Aikido is well alive in these pages.

Web designer: François
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The design was made possible by the free software mouvement with respect of open standards. Here are a few software and technologies we use or have used:

GNU & Linux operating systems Debian and Archlinux
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What is Traditional Aikido?

Aikido is not a sport, it is a martial art which laws (takemusu) are in harmony with the laws of the universe. Studying them allows the practitioner to understand his place in the universe. Aikido was born in Iwama, O sensei achieved in that village the synthesis of tai jutsu, aiki ken and aiki jo.

Where to practice Traditional Aikido?

The International Takemusu Aikido Federation (ITAF) brings to the practitioner the structure he needs in order to work as close as possible to the reality O sensei MU defined. The official national representations are the guarantee of a teaching faithful to the Founder's.

The weapons of Aikido, aiki ken and aiki jo

In modern Aikido, weapons are hardly taught, if taught at all. In O sensei's Aikido, on the contrary, aiki ken, aiki jo and tai jutsu are unified and form together a riai, a family of harmonious techniques stemming from one unique principle. Each techniques helps understand all the others.

Aikido, a martial art or an art of peace?

Peace is a balance between a human being and the world around him. The true martial art's goal is not to become stronger than one's opponent but to find in that opponent a way to realize harmony. There is no enemy anymore as such, but an opportunity offered to reach unified ki.

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