6th Ken Tai Jo

Uchi tachi : ken no kamae.

Jo : tsuki no kamae. Slightly open your guard on the right to trigger uchi's straight shomen.

Uchi tachi : shomen uchi komi.

Jo : 1. 2nd ken tai jo suburi (tenkan). This movement is not a strike as the reversed left hand prevents any striking power. We'll see later how the notion of irimi gives such a movement its full meaning. 2. tsuki : would aim at the throat in reality, but for safety reasons in training, one must aim at the solar plexus. .

Uchi tachi : step off the line of attack on the left, grab the end of the end from top with your left hand, ready to cut with the sword..

Jo : immediately change the angle of the jo as you step in uchi's back to find the correct angle for the throw.

Throw with a push of the jo so that uchi's arm curls around his own neck.

The throw is a kokyu nage (called nowadays in catalogs sokumen irimi nage). The only difference is the maai: You are forced by the jo to work further away from uchi. The angle of the throw is identical. The effect on aite is the same and one's body position can be checked with a comparison with tai jutsu.

End up the throw. For safety reasons **don't bring the jo too low, there is a risk you strike aite in the face.

What is Traditional Aikido?

Aikido is not a sport, it is a martial art which laws (takemusu) are in harmony with the laws of the universe. Studying them allows the practitioner to understand his place in the universe. Aikido was born in Iwama, O sensei achieved in that village the synthesis of tai jutsu, aiki ken and aiki jo.

Where to practice Traditional Aikido?

The International Takemusu Aikido Federation (ITAF) brings to the practitioner the structure he needs in order to work as close as possible to the reality O sensei MU defined. The official national representations are the guarantee of a teaching faithful to the Founder's.

The weapons of Aikido, aiki ken and aiki jo

In modern Aikido, weapons are hardly taught, if taught at all. In O sensei's Aikido, on the contrary, aiki ken, aiki jo and tai jutsu are unified and form together a riai, a family of harmonious techniques stemming from one unique principle. Each techniques helps understand all the others.

Aikido, a martial art or an art of peace?

Peace is a balance between a human being and the world around him. The true martial art's goal is not to become stronger than one's opponent but to find in that opponent a way to realize harmony. There is no enemy anymore as such, but an opportunity offered to reach unified ki.

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